Soups, Salads & Sides Menu

We’re always busy in the kitchen. Our foods are made with fresh ingredients and with care. Here are some of our mainstays, but be sure to ask what’s new.

Butcher's Daughters
Our 32 oz container will satisfy 2 to 4 people, depending on your appetite.

  • Leek & potato
  • Cauliflower & cheddar (V, GF)
  • Tomato pesto (v, GF)
  • Ginger sweet potato (V, GF)
  • Ginger carrot (V, GF)
  • Roasted red pepper (V, GF, DF)
  • Curried zucchini (V, GF)
  • Curried sweet potato (V, GF)
  • Asian carrot (GF, DF)
  • Caribbean sweet potato (V, GF, DF)
  • Vegetable minestrone (GF)
  • Beef mushroom barley (DF)
  • Paprika beef (DF)
  • Moroccan beef (DF)
  • Beef stew (DF)
  • Chicken corn chowder
  • Mushroom chicken noodle
  • Thai chicken (DF)
  • Veal & mushroom
  • Split pea & sausage (DF)
  • Chili (DF)
  • Black bean (GF, DF)
  • French lentil with bacon (GF, DF)

V=vegetarian; DF=Dairy Free; GF=Gluten Free

Butcher's Daughters

  • Our salads are made fresh daily, from wholesome ingredients. We always have a selection of grain salads, leaf, mixed vegetable, pasta and potato salads. Give us a call or check out our cafe website for daily offerings.
  • Quiches – many flavours; always delicious
  • frozen tartlets (tomato/basil; bacon/onion/smoked cheddar)
  • gourmet pizzas (a multitude of interesting toppings)
  • salad dressings, dips & spreads
  • a wide selection of olives – plain, marinated or stuffed