Full Meals – Menu

Choose one of our salads or soup, one main course and one dessert – for $ 18.95 per person

Butcher's Daughters

A selection of our mainstays:

  • Romaine salad with feta, toasted almonds and our house dressing
  • Traditional potato salad in a creamy dressing
  • Greek salad (tomato, cucumber, feta, green pepper, chick peas, red onions and black olives in a zesty sun-dried tomato /red wine vinaigrette). Also available as a pasta salad.
  • Wild rice, and brown basmati rice salad with currants and cranberries
  • Broccoli salad with red onions and grated cheddar in a creamy dill dressing
  • Mediterranean grain – quinoa, millet, chick peas, feta, tomatoes, black olives in red wine vinaigrette
  • Roasted sweet potato salad with red pepper & celery in chipotle/ lime dressing.

Please note: our salads change on a daily basis. We regret that some selections may not be available on the day you place your order.

Butcher's Daughters

Ready for the Oven

  • Chicken pot pie
  • Lasagna (Bolognese, meatball, vegetarian and gluten-free/vegetarian)
  • Beef enchiladas
  • Veal & ricotta or roasted vegetable cannelloni
  • Chicken cacciatore, with a side of rice or noodles
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Beef Bourguignon, with a side of rice or noodles ($3.00 additional charge per person)
  • Thai beef curry, with a side of rice ($3.00 additional charge per person)
  • Mac ‘n cheese (with bacon & rosemary)

Ready for the BBQ

  • marinated sirloin steak (additional $4.00 per person)
  • boneless chicken breasts in your choice of marinade
  • smoked centre-cut pork chops with maple/ mustard glaze
  • Daughters’ burgers – a large burger, slightly spicy, juicy & handmade (with all the fixins: buns, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, etc.)
  • BBQ mixer (any 2 of the following): burgers, marinated sirloin (extra $4.00 per person), chicken breasts, jumbo hotdogs, sausages, thick-cut peameal bacon

Butcher's Daughters

  • KB’s killer carrot cake
  • an assortment of squares and cookies

Butcher's Daughters

  • Homemade dips, spreads & marinated olives & feta
  • Appetizers from our freezer
  • Cheese, deli, veggie or antipasto platters